Perfected an Appeal in the First Department? Don’t Forget Your Oral Argument Survey

Perfected an Appeal in the First Department? Don’t Forget Your Oral Argument Survey

(1 minute to read)  Recently, the Appellate Division, First Department announced Spring Term operation updates. Additionally, the Court specified that since it plans on resuming in-person oral arguments on Wednesdays, it would also continue administering its online oral argument survey. The Court specified that all attorneys and self-represented litigants who have perfected appeals are required to fill out the survey. Only those who have recently perfected their appeals must complete the survey. The survey form can be found on the Appellate Division, First Department website homepage under the oral argument survey tab: Oral Argument Preference | Survey (

The survey requires that one indicate a preference for remote or in-person oral argument, and that they also include the party they represent and their contact information. The Court indicated that the completion of this form is crucial — the information derived from the survey will aid the court in creating the calendars for the May and June terms.

It is important to note that the selection of preference is not a guarantee that oral argument will be granted by the Court.

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