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Relationships. Responsiveness. Results.

Appellate Innovations

Relationships. Responsiveness. Results.

Established in 2003, APPELLATE INNOVATIONS is a comprehensive appellate service provider, dedicated to providing our clients with dependable and courteous service and the highest quality appellate filing experience.

We pride ourselves in using the latest technologies to manage your appeal – from having an unprecedented 24-48 hour turnaround in the preparation of your fully bookmarked record/appendix to offering CourtWatch to keep you apprised of important decisions and argument dates related to your appeal. We use state-of-the-art digital imaging together with the highest quality printers, ink, and paper available, ensuring your hard copies reflect the same professionalism as your electronic filings.

While some things can and should be modernized, we prefer to keep others a bit more old school.  Our customer service philosophy is all about Relationships Responsiveness and Results. We know your appeal is important to you and we want you to know it is important to us too. When you work with Appellate Innovations, we consider ourselves an extension of your appellate team. That relationship is built on trust. You can trust that we will handle your appeal with the utmost care. From inception to filing to oral argument, we know that time is valuable and are always responsive and available to answer your questions and make the complexities of appellate practice easy to navigate. You have a winning brief to write and an argument to prepare for; let us take the stress out of the filing process and together we will achieve the results you demand.


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Meet Our Team of Appellate Specialists 

Our team of Appellate Consultants and Paralegals are committed to accurately advising litigants as to the nuances of each appellate filing. We live, breathe and sleep appeals so that you don’t have to. By staying apprised of the courts’ evolving rules, we ensure your appellate filing will meet the strict technical and procedural requirements innate to the appellate process.

Eric R. Larke

Managing Member

When Eric founded Appellate Innovations in 2003, he set out to modernize and enhance the appellate filing process by merging innovative technologies with customer-focused appellate guidance. Having worked in the legal industry for over 30 years both in law firms and appellate services, Eric has a unique grasp of what Appellate Innovations’ client’s needs are – a dependable appellate partner with a fast turnaround that doesn’t sacrifice quality or precision. In that spirit, Eric has cultivated a team of appellate specialists whose combined appellate experience includes filing over 100,000 appeals nationwide. The team echoes Eric’s passion for putting an emphasis on building relationships with clients built on reliability, responsiveness and results. By pairing unparalleled customer service with cutting edge technology, Eric has led Appellate Innovations to the top of the appellate services field, including achieving the fastest average record and appendix turnaround in the industry and being named one of the top 3  Appellate Service Providers in New York and New Jersey. As the courts continue to modernize, Eric’s focus on being at the forefront of technology while maintaining an old school customer service experience will continue to drive Appellate Innovation’s success.

James Dignon

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Jim works tirelessly to identify opportunities and promote long-term revenue growth for Appellate Innovations. Jim implements smart business strategies, creating more efficient systems to meet the company’s operational needs, developing marketing plans to capture more market share and supporting the sales team’s objectives.  With over 30 years in key management roles and more than 15 years’ experience in  appellate services, Jim has a thorough understanding of the appellate service industry and the unique needs of the legal community he serves. Jim embraces implementing smart technologies to further the company’s business goals and objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Jim’s respectful and relatable approach to managing his team attracts top talent and creates a working environment that fosters growth and camaraderie. Jim is a natural leader who unleashes the potential of his team by recognizing their strengths and providing the tools needed to succeed.

Helen Mezger

Senior Appellate Consultant

Helen combines her 18 years of experience, knowledge of the appellate rules, and commitment to providing courteous service to her clients to create the ultimate appellate filing experience. Helen’s strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and expedited handling of requests ensure client satisfaction and a smooth filing experience. Her approachable nature and ability to navigate the complex appellate process with ease provide the reliability and reassurance her clients need during what could otherwise be a stressful process.  Helen’s knowledge of trending technologies and how they are being implemented in the courts is invaluable to her clientele and teammates. Helen is an Affiliate Member of the Westchester County Bar Association’s Appellate Practice Committee where she provides insight and practical advice to members as to the inner workings of the appellate courts with an emphasis on the First and Second Departments, the New York State Court of Appeals and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Karen Belsky

Senior Appellate Consultant

Karen has over 35 years of experience filing appeals in federal and state appellate courts with a concentration in the New York Appellate Division. Karen’s clients, ranging from sole practitioners to BigLaw partners, have relied on her extensive knowledge of the industry year after year. The written and unwritten rules of the appellate courts are second nature to Karen and she uses that knowledge to guide her clients through each and every filing. Karen’s trustworthiness, responsiveness and reliability allow her clients to rest comfortably knowing their appeals are in capable hands.

Liza Bobo

Senior Appellate Consultant

With over 25 years in the appellate industry, Liza knows the nuances of the state and federal appellate courts inside and out and puts that knowledge to use for her clients daily.  Liza’s detailed-oriented nature ensures that every one of her client’s appeals is handled with precision and care. With over 20,000 appeals filed over the span of her career, Liza’s breadth of knowledge of the rules and procedures of the courts make her an invaluable resource for her clients and colleagues. Her faithful client following is a testament to her responsiveness and commitment to providing the highest level of service.

Natalia Williamson

Senior Appellate Consultant

With over 20 years of litigation and appellate experience, Natalia leverages her expertise to aid clients in filing appeals nationwide.  Because of her hands-on experience, she understands the demands of a busy law practice and addresses her clients’ inquiries comprehensively and promptly. Natalia stays abreast of the latest rule changes, consistently monitoring the appellate courts to ensure her clients stay current with the latest requirements and the impacts on their appeals. Her pragmatism and proficiency in making the explicit and implicit rules of the courts accessible to her clients make her an indispensable asset.

Vihang Desai

Director of Paralegal and IT Services

Vihang combines his background in Business Information Systems with his knowledge of the procedural rules of the appellate courts to seamlessly assist clients with their appellate filings. With over ten years of experience in the appellate industry, Vihang’s great attention to detail and ability to work under pressure are integral to Appellate Innovations’ clientele.  As the courts progress toward more electronic filings, Vihang’s technological savvy and experience with e-filing on the state and federal appellate level make him a great asset to the team.

Nikolina Gurfinkel

Senior Appellate Paralegal

With over 20 years of appellate experience, Nikolina knows the appellate courts inside and out. Nikolina takes great pride in helping clients maneuver through the numerous pitfalls inherent in the appellate perfection process and has assisted attorneys filing appeals in almost every appellate court nationwide, including the Supreme Court of the United States. She has worked on matters of great significance, including World Trade Center litigation, Asbestos litigation, the Crane Collapse litigation, and many others. Nikolina’s responsiveness, precision and experience ensure a smooth and successful filing day.

Tom Livore

Appellate Paralegal

Thomas uses his background of working on state governments’ appeals, including overseeing training for docketing and quality control, to ensure Appellate Innovations’ clients filings meet the strict standards of the appellate courts. Thomas’ attention to detail and dedication to providing the best customer service make him an asset to the team at Appellate Innovations.