eBriefs & Digital Content

User-friendly technology making your appeal accessible in the modern world

The future is now. As the courts continue to evolve towards less paper and more digital filings, Appellate Innovations will ensure your appellate filings have all the required digital elements to make your brief and record easy to access and navigate.  Depending on the court’s requirements, we will OCR your document, bookmark your PDF, hyperlink your citations to your authorities, and electronically serve and file your appeal.  Appellate Innovations creates the ultimate all-in-one eBrief by downloading and appending your authorities to your brief and creating static internal hyperlinks within the PDF – making it so that you and, more importantly, the Court has immediate access to your case law without reliance on an internet connection or a failed external link. Appellate Innovations has the technology and ingenuity to make your appeal digitally compliant and a pleasure to review and navigate.


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