Printing, Service & Filing


Your appeal perfectly presented

We know you take great pride in your work and we want to make sure it shows. Appellate Innovations uses state of the art printers with the latest software technology to ensure your appellate filing is crisp, clear and on time. Our print shop uses only the highest quality materials when printing and assembling your appellate filing, so that your appeal looks like the winner it is. Where permitted, we use perfect binding to create a professional appearance that makes your appeal a pleasure to read cover to cover.

Our experienced printing team performs quality assurance checks on every filing, confirming your paper filing matches your electronic filing and that the right number of copies are timely filed and served in accordance with the rules of the court. Appellate Innovations makes it easy to comply with any requests from the clerk’s office.

We handle the logistics for filing and serving your appeal, whether that includes personal service down the street or making sure your filing gets across the country to meet your deadline. You can count on us to finish the job.

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