5 Key Strategies to Help Reduce Costs When Working With Your Appellate Printer

5 Key Strategies to Help Reduce Costs When Working With Your Appellate Printer

(2 minutes to read)  Outlined below are five strategies that may reduce your overall costs of perfecting your appeal while working with your Appellate Printer:

  1. The Appendix Method is often utilized to reduce the quantity of documents presented to the Court. By eliminating unnecessary documents that do not serve a clear benefit to the parties arguments nor serve within the scope of appellate review, may be omitted. Keep in mind that by proceeding on the Appendix Method you are not required to account for all papers before the Court with respect to the order or judgment on appeal.
  2. Color reproductions are often expensive to reproduce which will add to the overall reproduction costs. However, if you are able to stipulate with adverse parties to present the color material in quality black and white format, the court, in our experience, will accept your appeal with B/W reproductions as opposed to color.
  3. The parties may also agree by stipulation to omit unnecessary sections of documents in your record on appeal. By doing so, the parties have agreed that these papers are not germane to the issues presented on the appeal, and therefore do not need to be reproduced for appellate review.
  4. Should you proceed as a Pro Se Appellant and have limited finances, you may elect to apply for in forma pauperis status. By doing so, this would negate the necessity to file either a printed Appendix or a printed Record. Rather the Court’s review will focus on the original record as transferred by subpoena from the lower court to the Appellate Division.
  5. Should your appeal contain voluminous documents on CD, in certain instances the Court may accept the CD, in a separate envelope, which will negate the necessity to reproduce the documents on CD and incorporate the material into your printed Appendix or Record. Please consult with the Clerk’s office should you wish to seek such permission.

We hope these five strategies will help you when working with a limited budget. Should you have any questions, please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.

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