Streamlining the Appellate Printing Process

Streamlining the Appellate Printing Process

(2 minutes to read)  Even for seasoned practitioners, the appellate process can often be a stressful and emotionally taxing experience. The Appellate Innovations team prides itself on handling the procedural responsibilities so you can draft your appellate brief absent the inherent distractions of navigating the complex rule requirements.

In this blog, we provide tips to help streamline the process when working on your appeal with an appellate printer:

1. Initialize your notice of appeal early in the process so this doesn’t become an issue down the road. Should this new and often overlooked requirement need attention, the AI staff is happy to help.

2. Consult with your appellate printer at the onset of the process to ensure the best strategy is followed, whether that be the record on appeal method, the appendix method, or another strategy that fits your needs.

3. Record your deadlines and communicate with your printer as to the dates you wish to perfect. Appellate Innovations will review this information periodically and update you if the timing changes.

4. Review the term calendar to ensure that the filing of your appeal does not give your adversary additional time to respond. The calendars are prepared such that all parties have an equal amount of time, however, depending on when you file, you could inadvertently grant your adversary two or three additional months to respond.

5. Always keep in mind that voluminous records on appeal may be reduced significantly in size by implementing cross-referencing. If you have significant duplicative documents within the set of papers you are presenting to your appellate printer, by utilizing cross-referencing you will not only decrease the overall size, but also the associated costs.

These tips should help you work with your appellate printer in an effective way and streamline the overall process. We’re here at Appellate Innovations to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to contact one of our team members

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