Significant Changes in the Appellate Term, Second Department

Significant Changes in the Appellate Term, Second Department

{2 minutes to read}  Our blog today is about two significant rule changes in the Appellate Term, Second Department. The most significant rule change is that the Court will now require the filing of a fully reproduced printed Record, where previously this was not a requirement. This is a very big deal.

Important Change 1: Under the revised rules, a fully reproduced Record on Appeal would be required where all parties to a civil appeal are represented by counsel, and where such requirement is permitted by the appropriate court act. Additional information may be found here.

Important Change 2: Under the revised rules, the Court now requires fully reproduced Records shall be filed within six months from the printed date on the Notice of Appeal. This rule change provides clarity as to your deadline. Previously, the court required that your appeal be filed within 90 days from the Appellate Term’s receipt of the original Record, which often led to confusion as to an exact deadline date. 

In addition to these two changes, a minor change with respect to filing the Notice of Appeal now requires that the appellant submit a copy of the order or judgment being appealed from, along with a completed Request for Appellate Term Action form.

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