NYS Appellate Courts Rule Change

NYS Appellate Courts Rule Change

NYS Appellate Courts Rule Change by Liza Bobo{1:00 minute to read}   I would like to correct and/or clarify several points in my recent blog, “NYS Appellate Courts Rule Change.”

The Appellate Division has changed its rules in certain counties/districts pertaining to the taking of appeals electronically. Not every Notice of Appeal warrants e-filing as there are several factors to consider, these include: type of case, originating county/district, and confirmation that the Notice of Appeal was e-filed (initialized) in the court of original instance.

In the Appellate Division, First Department the new rules apply only to commercial matters originated in the Supreme Court. However, the Appellate Division, Second Department rules currently only apply to Notices of Appeal e-filed in Westchester County.

When the Notice of Appeal is not e-filed in the lower court, e-filing at the appellate level is not permitted.

I hope this additional information helps.

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