2018 Filing Dates: Mark Your Calendars Now!

2018 Filing Dates: Mark Your Calendars Now!

2018 Filing Dates: Mark Your Calendars Now! by Liza Bobo

{1:34 minutes to read} The Appellate Division First Department has a gap in term calendar filing dates — the June Term vs. September Term — which translates into a significant gap in argument dates scheduled.

Attorneys should be cognizant of these calendar dates, specifically, if their last day to submit documentation falls just after one of the term filing dates. For example, for the June Term filing date, all papers have to be submitted by March 19th. If the last day falls on March 20th, the attorney might want to re-strategize because his/her case will be noticed for the “September Term,” and therefore his/her case will not be calendared until at least September 4th of this year

Additional Filing Dates to Consider

Other dates for an attorney to be cognizant of at all times include trial dates, important dates for pending cases, vacations, life events, and any other dates that might impede their ability to timely serve and file their documents within those calendar dates. Also, consider if you are involved in a cross-appeal in the Appellate Division First Department; the court requires all parties to file a stipulation which sets forth all dates for Records/Appendices, Opening Briefs and Answering Briefs.

Again, please review: Where do these dates fall over the next three to four months? If the attorney is required to argue in court, how might these dates affect their specific case?

Click here for the 2018 Calendar.

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