Filing a Notice of Appeal? Don’t Delay

Filing a Notice of Appeal? Don’t Delay

Filing a Notice of Appeal? Don’t Delay by Helen Mezger

{2:10 minutes to read} Hello everyone, my name is Helen Mezger. I’ve been an Account Manager with Appellate Innovations for almost twelve years. My primary focus is to build relationships with our clients to handle their appellate papers with the utmost care. Often, I will participate in networking events and groups. I’m an affiliate member of the Westchester County Bar Association and participate in organizing and speaking at the organization’s CLEs.

In this article, I wanted to bring attention to something extremely important in my industry: timely filing of a notice of appeal. It’s always a good idea to file a notice of appeal in order to preserve a client’s rights. There are a few exceptions to requesting additional time to file a notice of appeal, so it’s always best to do it right away. If a notice of appeal is not filed in a timely manner, the opportunity to perfect the appeal may be lost.

A notice of appeal should be filed within thirty days from the date the order/judgment is served with notice of entry.

Keep in mind that the time to actually file the record on appeal and appellant’s brief starts with the printed date on the notice of appeal. For example, if a notice of appeal is dated November 1st but isn’t filed until November 8th, the clock actually starts on November 1st. Those seven days are then lost. This is very important. We often receive questions related to how much time the attorney has to perfect their appeal. It’s always a good idea to confirm the filing deadline with the printer.

Appellate Innovations is at your service to guide you through the finer points of the appellate process. If you have questions about producing the required documents for your appeal, contact us.


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