The Importance of Reminders!

The Importance of Reminders!

The Importance of Reminders! by Liza Bobo

{2:40 minutes to read} Perfecting the appeal can be a lengthy process—sometimes it spans six months, nine months or longer. Things discussed when the notice of appeal was filed might be forgotten by the time the attorney is actually ready to perfect the case. That is why the information should be disseminated and discussedofteneven up until the last few days, just to make sure they are in the forefront of the attorney’s mind. 

We recently had a client who was ready to go to court for a specific term in the Appellate Division First Department. We had been juggling multiple appellants and cross-appellants, and they were all set to go. When we were going through a final checklist—making sure all the Ts were crossed, and the Is were dotted—the client remembered that he had a vacation planned for the time that the court was actually going to start scheduling arguments. This was a huge vacation that was well-planned. 

We went over his options. Due to the intricacies involved in coordinating the main appellant, the cross-appellants, and other clients’ cases, the client agreed to schedule the appeal for another term. That was perfectly fine and fell in line with everything we needed to do. There was no way he would have been able to take his vacation and go through the appeal in the same term. He is happy with his decision and is on target to go forward with the appeal. 

It may be tiring to hear things over and over, but it is important to discuss schedules and details in order to to be conscious of the impact on their own schedules, both personal and professional. 

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