An Attorney’s Invaluable Tool: E-Brief

An Attorney’s Invaluable Tool: E-Brief

An Attorney’s Invaluable Tool: E-Brief by Liza Bobo

{2:40 minutes to read} What is an e-brief? What are its uses? Is it convenient?

An electronic brief (e-brief) is a hyperlinked version of the physical brief an attorney wrote in Word or WordPerfect. The brief cites Westlaw, Lexis/Nexis, excerpts of the record, exhibit, or transcripts, and it hyperlinks within the brief to specific sites the attorney wants the court to focus on. The e-brief also hyperlinks the table of contents and table of authorities. 

All electronic briefs should be made into a searchable PDF. This is done by running an optical character recognition (OCR) program, which allows the PDF to be word searchable.

If a court allows it, an arguing attorney may set up his or her computer in court, open the brief, click, and the desired information will pop right up—no flipping through cumbersome books to find a specific reference.

Use an e-brief for its portability (ability to view on tablets, laptops or phones) and convenience, allowing the attorney to work without lugging voluminous documents around.

Overall, e-briefs help attorneys plan out their argument and give more time to prepare for court. To see a short video about e-briefs, visit our website. If you have any follow-up questions, please contact Liza Bobo at Appellate Innovations.

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