How the Appendix Method Can Help You

How the Appendix Method Can Help You

How the Appendix Method Can Help You by Liza Bobo

{1:00 minutes to read} When it comes to strategizing on how to prepare for your appeal, it may be worthwhile to consider the appendix method as opposed to the full record method. Here are three situations in which the appendix method may be the better strategy:

1. If the attorney has introduced a motion and attached numerous exhibits, but only a small number of them are the focus of the appeal.

2. If there is a possibility that the attorney’s office is missing some documents from the record filed in the lower court, using the appendix method will help ensure no penalty is incurred for not reproducing those missing documents.

3. If your record is voluminous (perhaps thousands of pages), but only a narrow issue is in question on the appeal, using the appendix method allows the court to focus on exactly what is being appealed. 

When perfecting an appeal, the appendix method can be an indispensable tool in your arsenal. If you have any questions, please contact Liza Bobo at Appellate Innovations.

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