Service and Filing

Expert Document Styling and Professional Filing

The best arguments can only be made in the courtroom. Count on Appellate Innovations for accurate filing and punctual service every time to get you there so your appeal is heard.

We are a team that likes to be well-prepared. Before we review your documents, we make sure to get all relevant and important dates to ensure accurate timelines during the initial appeal discussion.



As soon as we receive your documents, our paralegal team begins preparing the draft record on appeal or appendix. In most cases, our team will pull your documents online leaving you time to start drafting your appellate argument.

We pride ourselves on turnaround time—within 24 hours of receiving all necessary documents we complete the draft record or appendix, and then provide both a digital and if requested, hard copy to our clients. Once we receive your brief, we carefully assess all formatting and content to ensure compliance with current court rules.

Whether the court requires digital or physical service and filing, we handle all the necessary steps ourselves.

For all courts that mandate service and filing of printed documents: we print and bind all necessary materials in-house; file the original and required copies, and serve the documents on each designated party—typically by personal service in the Appellate Division, First Department.

For all courts mandating electronic service and filing: we make sure all files and formatted are submitted correctly and in the right file formats.

Appellate Innovations is way more than just a delivery service. We are a team of trained and experienced legal professionals, subject matter experts, and client ambassadors.



We take the stress of filing off your shoulders and allow you to focus on the case at hand. Any issues that arise or are noted by court clerks are handled immediately—often on the spot. If there is a more serious issue, we make sure to inform you and work with you to clarify or amend any problems.

Our mission is simple: complete and accurate filing of every appeal, every time.

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