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Appellate Innovations holds great pride in the superb quality of printing it provides for its clients. Relentlessly, every member of our printing crew inspects each set of appellate papers from the beginning, when the first photocopy is made, to the completion, when filing documents with the appellate courts.

Our machinery is high-speed and state-of-the-art, enabling us to produce numerous records and briefs at the same time to meet rigid, pressing deadlines. As quickly as our equipment produces our records and briefs, our printing staff takes its time to assure that the print is crisp, has the right contrast and each page is properly lined up and makes the best presentation.

In addition to the dedicated printing staff, primarily tasked with producing and examining all printed materials, our paralegals and other employees make certain to judiciously inspect each set of documents for quality before anything leaves our facility for filing or servicing.

Our photocopy paper is top-grade, designed to look sharp and easy to read. In advising our clients on the writing of briefs, we always make certain to remind them of the proper types of font to use in compliance with court rules and to conform to the high quality that the appellate court expects.


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