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87880255Imagine preparing for oral argument while in transit with everything you need accessible on your portable media device. Appellate Innovations proudly offers our newest digital product, the eBrief. The revolutionary eBrief provides the flexibility and accessibility demanded by our fast-paced legal clientele.

Our experts will convert your paper brief into an interactive word-searchable PDF. We hyperlink the Table of Contents and Table of Authorities, so clients can efficiently navigate through their legal argument without needing to tediously dig through irrelevant material. Most importantly, all of the citations referenced in your brief are hyperlinked to the relevant case detail as West links. Walk into the Court with the assurance of knowing that cited legal authorities are but a click away.


PDF version of your Brief

Word Searchable

Hyperlinked TOA and TOC

Citations hyperlinked to a detail of the case law


Brief is interactive

Tool for preparing for oral argument

Easy access to your eBrief anytime through our website

Less paper to manage

Value-added service to provide to your client

Have an advantage over your adversary

Watch Our Video:

Click below to watch a fun video which describes our printing and eBrief services.

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