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The Company

The Company

APPELLATE INNOVATIONS, founded in 2003, has offices in Westchester and Long Island, New York. Each of our founding members has over 15 years of experience in appellate work, so we have the confidence that only comes from direct experience. Our rapid expansion has been fueled by referrals from both our law firm clients and court personnel.

Central to our success is our ability to understand that there is no substitute for accurately advising clients about the numerous important written, and sometimes unwritten, court rules – in a timely manner. Our many years of working in the courts and our long-established relationships with the clerks of the different appellate departments ensure that our staff can readily examine and solve complex procedural issues both promptly and accurately. Stress reduction is our goal. We realize that after spending hours honing a persuasive brief, the last thing an attorney needs is to worry about the myriad complicated procedural requirements inherent in appellate practice.

Our foundation is built on a bedrock of maintaining solid, “one-to-one” client relationships. Our paralegals maintain close contact with each attorney who contracts our services, from the very beginning until the appeal is filed.

Our state-of-the-art digital imaging is second-to-none in the industry. This combination of top-notch equipment and appellate expertise means that your printed and electronic filings will meet the highest standards.

We are certain that once you allow Appellate Innovations the opportunity to handle your appeal, we will exceed your expectations and earn your continued trust and support.


Delivering timely and accurate advice to our clients for 10+ years.
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