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Technology and the Law

Using Today’s Technology to Prepare Your Brief and Record

Appellate Innovations uses today’s technology to facilitate quick and accurate preparation of the appellate record (or appendix) and easy access to all of your documents. You can e-mail documents to us or upload them directly to our client portal. If you maintain your files in paper format, just send them to us, and we’ll scan them for you.

Our paralegals begin preparing the draft record on appeal (or appendix) immediately upon receiving your documents. Once the draft record or appendix is complete—generally within 24 hours of our receipt of all necessary documents—we provide it to you in both digital and hard copy (paper) format. Because we maintain every appeal electronically, we can expeditiously make any required changes to the record or appendix. The feedback we receive from our clients affirms that we achieve our goal of providing the most effective and efficient appellate service in the business.


Electronic Filing

Courts nationwide are gradually embracing electronic filing. Currently, the New York Appellate Division – First Department, the New York Court of Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit require electronic filing, but each of these courts follows a different electronic filing protocol. Moreover, in state court, appellate electronic filing procedures are different from the electronic filing procedures you may be familiar with at the Supreme Court level. Appellate Innovations’ staff members are fully familiar with each appellate court’s requirements and will ensure that your brief and record are properly filed.


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