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Service & Filing

Service and Filing

Accurate and timely service and filing ensures that your appeal is properly heard.

The practice of confirming filing deadlines and other requirements begins even before we receive your documents: starting with the initial discussion about an appeal, our staff gathers information from you about all critical dates, assuring timeliness and efficiency.

Our paralegals begin preparing the draft record on appeal (or appendix) immediately upon receiving your documents. Once the draft record or appendix is complete – generally within 24 hours of our receipt of all necessary documents – we provide it to you in both digital and hard copy (paper) format. When we receive your brief, we carefully assess the formatting for compliance with court rules.

Next, for all courts that mandate service and filing of printed documents, we print and bind the record (or appendix) and brief; file the original and required copies; and serve the documents on each designated party (generally by personal service). If the appeal is pending in a court that requires electronic service and filing, we handle those tasks for you as well.

When Appellate Innovations files appellate documents, we are not just a delivery service, but a knowledgeable intermediary experienced in the many nuances of appeals. On the rare occasions when an appellate court clerk notes an issue in a document offered for filing, our court liaison staff makes every effort to immediately resolve the issue. Minor modifications are handled on the spot, and we inform our clients of those changes. For more significant matters, our employees will assist in clarifying for our clients what actions they must take to satisfy the court’s requirements. Invariably, our goal is to complete the proper service and filing of every appeal.


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