Return of all Judges and Staff Across New York’s Courthouses

(1.5 minutes to read)  Chief Judge Janet DiFiore recently announced that courthouses across New York State are looking forward to the complete return of judges and court staff by May 24th, 2021. She explained how both the court leadership team and administrative judges are in the process of developing safe protocols to ensure normal staffing levels in all courthouses. Such efforts are essential in order to conduct in-person operations, such as jury trials and other court proceedings.

Judge DiFiore acknowledged that since each courthouse has a distinct way of functioning, safety guidelines and staffing schedules will be tailored to each court. However, she emphasized that the end goal remains consistent across the New York justice system, which is to ensure that all judges and staff are back in the courthouses. Such transition from virtual staffing to in-person staffing has already begun and will continue until May 24th.

It is important to note that while the courthouses return to full courthouse staffing levels, the courts are not yet returning to full in-person operations. In-person operations will be limited, and courts will continue virtual operations and remote appearances for a majority of matters.

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