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Our seasoned staff of paralegals handles hundreds of appeals involving a plethora of issues each year. Fully versed in the written and unwritten rules of each appellate court, our paralegals are flexible in handling and overcoming unusual situations. Regular contact between our paralegals with the various court clerks at every appellate level aids in resolving any problems that might arise.

In addition to having expertise in the many technical procedural mandates of each appellate court, our paralegals are adept at confidently elucidating such requirements to our attorneys. Our staff will not hesitate to inform our clients when an interpretation of a court policy is unclear or may need to be more fully discussed with the court clerks in order to obtain clarifications.

Aware that strict deadlines must be met, our paralegals are always cognizant of the need to blend efficiency with promptness to assure that court filings are completed in a timely manner. As soon as any issue arises during the preparation of an appeal, the attorneys involved are contacted to resolve the evident complications. We prevail in our goal to ease the fret that often comes with difficult, grueling appeals for our clients because our employees take great care to make certain that there are no lagging surprises. By being cognizant and up-to-date, we assure that our clients are informed and prepared to succeed on each appeal.


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