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Quick and accurate information is vital in any professional setting. Nothing would be more problematic than a surgeon in an emergency situation having to stop and check volumes of medical treatises before taking action. Similarly, during vigorous cross-examination in the midst of a contentious trial, a trial attorney must think fast to take advantage of an opportunity or to mitigate the damage of vulnerability. Knowledge is the reins of power and control.

Our experienced core staff has a combined 100 years of involvement in the Appellate Services Industry, immersion that has led to the accumulation of valuable knowledge that benefits our clients. We have been in the business since the days when the filing fee was a mere $50.00. Now it has grown to $315.00. There was a time when Appellate Briefs did not have mandated “font sizes”. Nor did lawyers have to actually count words. We have seen these changes develop over time, and have learned to accommodate for changes and trends.

More to the point, our staff is familiar with the many variations in the way the rules of each court – state and federal – are interpreted by the court clerks. We have experience overseeing more than 20,000 cases collectively. Busy litigators appreciate our ability to clarify issues and to coherently convey and explain the most efficient remedies when complex situations arise. Deadlines, subpoena applications, cross-appeals, alternative appeal routes, remedial measures for defective applications, extensions of time, and a whole variety of other matters are daily fodder for Appellate Innovations. Our experience is so extensive, all it takes for the client is one call or e-mail to have an accurate and quick response to almost any problem. Going a step further, our staff can foresee potential problems well ahead of time and alert our clients early, as to skirt any bumps in the road to the completion and delivery of each appeal.

Our Appellate Experts have spent many years focusing on a very narrow and specific field of the law – exclusively appeals. With such concentration and dedication to accuracy, our well-learned expertise is second to none. Unlike the attorneys that we service, our staff does not have the distraction of worrying about broad legal matters – just appeals. Merited confidence in our proficiency and ability to handle many varied issues gives our clients precious ease of mind.


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