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Get Ahead of the Holidays

Get Ahead of the Holidays

Get Ahead of the Holidays by Liza Bobo{1:00 minute to read} If you are making an appeal to either the Appellate Division, First Department, or the Appellate Division, Second Department, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

One, in particular, is holidays, both State and Federal. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, there are a number of different days that people observe, even those not technically State or Federally observed. 

For example, Christmas is observed on December 25, 2017. If you filed a Notice of Appeal dated March 25, 2017, that’s intended to be perfected in the Appellate Division, First Department, the last day of the nine-month filing date falls on the observed holiday. 

For this reason, if the last day to file your papers falls on or is even close to a holiday, consider filing early. Get it done so that everyone can enjoy the holiday and to ensure there are no last-minute anxieties. 

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