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Key to any appeal is the opportunity to divulge all the essential arguments as to why your case deserves the “winning decision”. The last chance to seize that opportunity is at the oral argument before the panel of appellate court judges.

Oral Argument Scheduling can sometimes appear a bit inconsistent, particularly in the Second Department, where the date set by that court can vary anywhere from several weeks after the filing of the final brief to many months after the brief’s filing. You are “not notified directly” by the Second Department. The onus is on each litigator to track the oral argument date. The First Department is somewhat more predictable, since even though parties are “not notified directly” of the actual oral argument date, that court has a specific calendar month for each oral argument that is determined at the onset with the filing of the Note of Issue. On occasion in the First Department, however, the court, sua sponte, may elect to change the calendar month of the oral argument for any appeal by shifting the matter over to another term.

Calendar Watch™ is our complimentary oral argument tracking service. A reliable and trustworthy device, it keeps your firm on track with your date to argue with each Appellate Department. Our clients can rest assured and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they will be in the court on time, every time. With Appellate Innovations, you are never alone or unprepared for court.


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