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After handling several thousand appellate matters in various State and Federal courts, our staff is well versed in a variety of situations, both commonplace and irregular.

Our staff members are routinely updated and made aware of changes by our supervisor. When court rules are modified or court clerks revise the way certain matters are handled, this vital information is discussed within our firm and promptly disseminated to our clients. Our client attorneys can always be confident that Appellate Innovations’ paralegals and managers stay on top of all the developments in each and every appellate court, State or Federal. We often know well in advance when certain rule changes are to be made because we are in daily contact with all the various courts. Our constant interaction with the courts and our clients guarantees that attorneys working with us need not fear that they might be surprised by some new requirement on any appeal. Even in those special cases, when a particularly unusual circumstance arises, we are able to serve as an ombudsman with the court in helping to fashion a situation to a unique procedural appellate issue. Experience in the trenches of appellate work is one of our most valuable resources at such times. Our degree of experience is a major benefit to attorneys employing our Appellate Services. We at Appellate Innovations are proud of our reputation as a reliable source of counsel, and we are dedicated to preserving our pride through earnest example.


Delivering timely and accurate advice to our clients for 10+ years.
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